Accent Vase Ocean Spray

Accent Vase Ocean Spray


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The salt water vase is a marvelous and unique decor piece with a mezmerizing artwork that elevates your space.

The vase comes in a beautiful pearly white color decorated by abstract blue streaks that represents the ocean and its cool and calm feel. Topped of with a fine glossy finish to add shine to the piece. The vase?s neutral colors create a calm contemporary look.

This vase is available in two sizes. Perfect for a simple office or house décor.

Variants Product Size (Inches)  Package Size (Inches) Package Volume (CBM) Package Weight (Kgs)
Small D7.5H9.6" 10*10*12" 0.019 2.4
        Large    D11.6H13.8"   L14.2W14.2H16.1"       0.019  5.1